Saturday, 10 September 2016

Healthy Green smoothie

I adapted this yummy kids friendly smoothie  from super healthy  really nutritious and yummy,so thought will share here..Really great for those picky eaters who don't wanna chew that fruits and veggies..A good quick breakfast or snack too.I made little changes to suit my little ones taste buds and also according to the availability of ingredients in our place.

Spinach - 1 cup loosely packed
Robusta banana- 1 big or 2 small
Pine apple cubes - 1 cup
Orange juice from - 2 oranges
Mango cubes- 1/2  or 1 cup or Tang mango powder - 2 tsp

1.In a blender blend orange juice and spinach,then add pineapple cubes and mango powder or mango
and finally add sliced bananas and blend to smooth. And enjoy immediately with a straw..

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