Thursday, 6 October 2016


This is a yummy smoothie and this is the only smoothie approved my very picky son who is a banana hater too.So I had to find one banana free smoothie and got this one and its delicious too.

Mango or mango juice - 1/2 cup
Orange juice - 1/2 cup( probably from 2 oranges)
Pineapple chunks- 1/2 cup
Honey/sugar- 1 tablespoon

Blend all the ingredients till smooth...Its ready to drink now.


I wanted to taste and use that buttery fruit with green peel .So recently I bought few avocados and I was too eager to taste . I tasted it for first time a few years back when one of my colleague brought it to our work place as she had avocado tree at her  home,and for now I don't remember the taste at all so I was in a little hurry. Just the next day after buying I checked the fruit and it seemed ripe to me so with all my enthusiasm I cut it open and made a smoothie...but for my shock it tasted bitter and all enthusiasm died ..Then I Google why my avocados tasted bitter.Here comes the  truth..unripe avocados tastes always use very ripe avocados.Ripe avocados are usually very dark in outer side and softer to touch ,when we press a dent will form.Another important thing is better to avoid scooping out those green part much closer to the peel.So from the search I got an information that you can fasten the ripening of avocados by placing it near fruits which produce ethylene on ripening like bananas,Apple or pineapple.So I kept it along with bananas and was ripened by two days.So I tried again and this time it came out super delicious.This recipe was inspired from food the original recipe they calls for two ripe avocados.As we increase the amount avocados the creaminess will increase,but I prefer less creamier so I adapted it to my taste.


Milk - 1 cup
Sweetened condensed milk - 1/2 cup
Ripe avocado- 1/2 of an avocado

Blend everything together until smooth.Very  delicious avocado smoothie ready.Tastes best when served chilled.But we prefer not chilled ,to avoid a  sore

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Home made Peanut Butter

Mumma and kids at my home just love peanut butter and its useful in mumm's new found passion baking ,deserts and smoothies.So I wanted to try home made Peanut Butter...My search lead me to several online recipes and I adapted it according to my convenience.Now we don't have to buy those costly jars in the super market.If you want more can double  the recipe too.


Dry roasted and deskinned peanut- 1 cup
Vegetable oil - 3 tablespoons
 Honey or sugar-  1 tablespoons


Blend the dry roasted and deskinned peanuts in a food processor or mixer .Then add oil spoon by spoon and pulse in between.Finally add honey and blend once again..Yummy peanut butter is ready now.You can keep it in the fridge for  a couple of weeks.