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Healthy steamed chocolate banana muffins

Healthy steamed chocolate banana  muffins

I was  searching  for  alternate baking methods  and stumbled  upon  steaming  cakes. So I  decided to give it a try  as I  have  tried  pressure  cooker method , so  many  times  successfully.In  pressure  cooker  method  we  can  use  either  pressure  cooker  oor any  heavy  bottomed   vessel  for  baking , aluminum  preferably.
And  we  put  sand  or salt   inside  to prevent  burning  of  the  vessel,I  have  tried without  salt  also. Both  are  ok  but  it's   better  to  take  off  your  vessel  unless it's old   by   spreading  salt oin one   inch  thickness. Once I  tried  pressure  cooker  method  with  water  also  and  the  cake  raised  well, but  the  only  problem   was   vapor  falling  on  the  top . So  this time I   decided  to cover  loosely with a  soft  thin  cotton  cloth  to prevent  this  and  to  use my  iddly   steamer.  The  advantage  of steaming  compared  to  baking  in pressure  cooker  is , cooking  time  can  be  reduced.So  here  we  go.I  used  the  whole  wheat chocolate   Ragi banana  muffin  recipe  in  my  blog, the  only change I  made  was  used  only  whole  wheat as I was  out  of  Ragi so I used 13/4   cup         whole  wheat  and  increased  the  amount  of   cocoa  powder  to 3   tablespoons  to  make  it  more   chocolatey. The   link  to
Recipe is here 

so here I  am explaining the method  only. Here I   used  my iddli  steamer and I had an additional  round plate  which can be used  to steam food by placing it over the water just like idly moulds . So I used it  here.

1.Prepare  batter .
2.Switch  on  stove  and  keep steamer with   water and lid    on it in  high   flame  for 5  minutes
3.Keep  the  muffin  liners  inside  muffin  moulds or small paper  tea cups and fill  up  to 3/4  th  of  muffin  cups.
4.Reduce the flame to low and Keep  the  muffin  moulds  inside  the  steamer and  and cover loosely with a cotton cloth over the muffins without touching the batter and be careful to keep the cloths endings away from fire  ,cover with lid and steam  for 15 to 20  minutes  or  until done or a tooth  pick inserted  comes  out clean.

Your  steamed chocolate  banana    muffins  are  ready  now.....don't forget to remove muffin liners before healthy  and  yummy.

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